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Master of Business Administration, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden. Nationality: Sweden Board Member: AB Industrivärden, AB Volvo and Sandvik AB. Holdings in Ericsson: 20,060 Class B shares 1, and 27,742 synthetic shares 3. The Board of Directors of Epiroc has overall responsibility for the organization, administration and management of Epiroc in the best interests of the company and the shareholders. The Board of Epiroc will see to it that all applicable rules are followed and that efficient control systems are in place. A President and Board of Directors were elected at the inaugural Annual General Assembly (GA) on 17th December 2020..

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THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ PROPOSAL FOR GUIDELINES FOR REMUNERATION OF SENIOR EXECUTIVES The Board of Directors of HEXPOL AB (publ) proposes that the Annual General Meeting 2019 resolves on guidelines for remuneration to the managing director and other senior executives as … The number of directors will be seven. The meeting re-elected Georg Brunstam, Alf Göransson, Jan- Anders Månson, Malin Persson, Kerstin Lindell, Märta Schörling Andreen and Gun Nilsson. Georg Brunstam was elected Chairman of the Board. The fees to the Board of Directors shall amount to a total of SEK 3,890,000 (including fees for committee work). HEXPOL - A Truly Global Company HEXPOL's ambition is to provide the capital markets, investors and other interested parties with relevant information that contributes to a fair value of the company. Our ambition is also to utilize openness, impartiality and a high level of service in our financial reporting, to enhance trust in the company and accentuate interest with potential investors.

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President and CEO of L E Lundbergföretagen AB. Other significant appointments: Chairman of Hufvudstaden AB and AB Industrivärden. HEXPOL AB (publ) Board of Directors.

Hexpol board of directors

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Three members with deputies are appointed by the Swedish employee organizations, in accordance with Swedish labor laws.

Hexpol board of directors

The Board of Directors reviews its own performance and procedures once a year. Board of Directors. Print.
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Hexpol board of directors

Utbildning: Internationell ekonomi  Intrum (Legal Director), Lindorff (Corporate Counsel) Design Group, Hexpol Group och Beijer Electronics samt styrelseordförande i Modity Energy Trading. THQ Nordic Marketing Director: "Philipp Brock has said it could be the title to take the company into the publishing big leagues" The Annual Meetings held 28 April 2020 elected the current Board of Directors of HEXPOL consisting of Alf Göransson (Chairman of the Board), Malin Persson, Jan-Anders E. Månsson, Märta Schörling Andreen, Gun Nilsson and Kerstin Lindell.

For a public company, the board represents shareholders and protects their interests.
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Annual general meeting of HEXPOL AB - Mangold Insight

Ronan Byrne (HEAnet) - One-year mandate. Bob Jones (CERN) - One-year mandate. At today’s Annual General Meeting of HEXPOL AB (publ), the following was resolved.

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The subscription period is as from February 2 8, 2011 up to and including March 1 6, 2011 or such later date as decided by the Board of Directors of HEXPOL. REPORT BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS ON THE REMUNERATION COMMITTEE’S EVALUATION OF REMUNERATION TO SENIOR MANAGEMENT, ETC. The Board of Directors of HEXPOL AB has established a Remuneration Committee which performs the tasks of a Remuneration Committee according to the Swedish Code for Corporate Governance (“Corporate Governance Code”). Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2000 Chairman of the Remuneration Committee Born 1951 B.Sc. (Econ.), Ph.D. h.c. (Med.), Ph.D.

24 april 2018. AGM. 9c. Resolutions concerning discharge of the Board of Directors and the President from personal liability.