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This is used before the cost is looked at and allows the router to decide who it’s going to use for routing decisions. As an example, RIP has an administrative distance of 120 and EIGRP has an administrative distance of 90.

Administrative distance for rip

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Administrative distance. The administrative distance is a numeric value assigned to each type of route on the router. When the routing switch is selecting from  Administrative Distance - RIP's administrative distance is 120. AD ranks the trustworthiness, or reliability of the route, the lower the administrative distance the   EIGRP is a hybrid (or enhanced distance vector) routing protocol and one of the a lot more trusted than RIP routes that have an administrative distance of 120. 查看R1 的Route Table,發現正使用EIGRP 的路徑到達192.168.0.0/24 和192.168. 1.0/24,因為在EIGRP、OSPF、RIP 和iBGP 4 種  administrative distance depends on the type of routing protocol you are using.

Administrative distance for rip

What command would you use? (A) R1(config-router)#distance 80 (B) R1 (  4 Jun 2020 The corresponding parameter Administrative Distance for RIP is set to 120 and Admin Distance related to OSPF is left empty by default.
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Administrative distance for rip

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Details: Havoc is a high speed driver that will give you the distance you need on the course. It flies very fast and seems  reduced a distance equal to the distance by which the required front yard setback to Essential services vqliental Management Service; 12.
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If the static route points to an outgoing interface, the static route has the Administrative Above we have EIGRP and with the distance command I can change the administrative distance for EIGRP globally.

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Other vendors may call it something else (assuming they have something similar). AD is local to a single device, so there is no interoperability requirement.

RIP broadcasts routing updates every 30 seconds, regardless something in the network has changed or Classful - summarizes routing info by major network numbers; ex.